JSC “Agrovet” meat factory, Lithuania


Average daily flow (m3/d) 160
Maximum daily flow (m3/d) 480
Maximum hourly flow (m3/h) 20
Sewage pumping station at the inlet +
Local sewage pumping station
Pumping station of the outlet
Wastewater reception tank
Wastewater distribution tank
Imported wastewater reception tank
Grease tank
Buffer tank  +
Biological reactor
Secondary settling tank
Excess sludge accumulation tank
Treated wastewater mineralisation tank
Sample collection tank
Flow metering tank +
Dried sludge storage area
Rack (for sediment screening)
Sand catcher (for sand screening)
Grease catcher (for grease screening)
Rotary sieve (for sediment screening) +
Chemical dosing station +
Flotator +
Air blowers
Tertiary (advanced) treatment
Sand filters (in-depth treatment)
Treated WW processing using UV lamps
Flowmeters (for flow accounting) +
Analytical instrumentation, thief sampling +
Sludge drying equipment
Excess sludge sanitisation equipment
SCADA software +
Automatic control of the facility +