1The goal of Ecoranga group is to become the leaders of the development of engineering, technological projects that would implement innovative, reliable, effective and economical technological decisions. This way, we are able to contribute to nature conservation and the preservation of balance. In order to reach our goals, we use reliable technological solutions. The main goal of our group is to properly carry out works and satisfy the needs of our clients.

Countries and partners

Ecoranga group is operating in many countries of the world – we are continuously developing, expanding and seeking for reliable partners for long-term, effective, useful and honest cooperation. Our company’s employees are prepared to carry out works in any country. We hope that our cooperation will bring mutual financial benefits, as well as pleasant and acceptable communication. If you want to join our group, we will gladly consider our cooperation

Why us?2

We are a team of professional engineers offering the most beneficial and acceptable solutions which allow saving your time and finances. In order to reach our goals, we use advanced technologies that guarantee quality and enable us to meet the agreed work deadlines. We guarantee to carry out works properly, qualitatively and on time. We carry out works from start to finish. We regularly visit our objects, immediately respond to comments and requests, and we have implemented a number of successful projects. Top-level specialists of Ecoranga group enable it to search for optimal, reliable and innovative technological solutions in order to achieve optimal results. We prepare individual offers for each technological engineering project, by considering the needs of our client, climate conditions and specifics of the location. We are not afraid of challenges and are prepared to implement even the most difficult projects.

Our Group Consists of

  • 1Consultants – financiers: provide information to the client regarding the potential to attract financial resources from different sources for project development. They prepare applications for funding from the World Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the European Investment Bank, commercial banks, the EU and other funds.
  • Project administrators – managers: prepare tender documents, organize procurements, submit documents and reports to people and authorities in charge, carry out technical inspection of an object.
  • Designers: conduct technical and economic feasibility studies, select technological solutions, implement all designing work in full.
  • Technologists: select technological solutions, select technological equipment, consult the client on technological issues based on the provided source data.
  • Construction workers: will swiftly carry out top quality construction work from scratch to the key.
  • Engineers: carry out installation, commissioning, and adjustment of different types of engineering systems.
  • IT experts: installation of automation and electrical engineering systems for management of technological processes.
  • Equipment vendors: consult regarding technological equipment, implement sale and supply thereof.
  • Assemblers: assemble technological equipment, implement technological equipment commissioning and arrangement work, implement staff trainings on issues involving operation of the equipment.
  • Service group: makes warranty and post-warranty repairs of the technological equipment.

Services provided

  • 2Designing work: we carry out all designing work needed for project development. We have highly qualified architects, engineers, technologists, who can advise clients as regards to which solution would be more appropriate and more acceptable to the client.
  • Preparation of feasibility studies: we carry out a comprehensive analysis of the location, prepare pre-project offers, estimate the amount of investments needed for the project, select a technology most suitable for the client.
  • Raising funds for the project: we look for a source of finance available for funding the project, we prepare applications for funding and ensure receipt of funding.
  • Project administration: we carry out copyright supervision of the work during implementation of the project, we provide technical supervision services and implement procedures related to the course of object development.

Technological solutions and products

  • For water purification: mechanical filters, deironing filters, softening filters, reverse osmosis.
  • For waste water treatment: mechanical, biological, chemical waste water treatment plants, flotators, membranes.
  • For sludge treatment – processing: compaction, drying, dehumidification, granulation, fallow, composting, incineration.
  • For waste management – processing: recycling, composting, biodrying, fallow, incineration, energy extraction from piles and production of electricity.