Preparation of a feasibility study

3The first step before starting the development of an object is the preparation of a feasibility study. The client often only has a vision and an idea, but does not have specific details about the object. If that is the case, our team will help you realise what you really need. Properly carried out preparation works will enable to build a high-quality object within the shortest possible time and with the lowest possible costs. This stage is necessary in order to receive funding for the object from international financial institutions.

Why is the feasibility study necessary and what does it include

  • Selection of the most suitable location for the building.
  • Evaluation of the possibility of connection to engineering networks and determination of the location.
  • Evaluation of access roads.
  • Estimation of the efficiency necessary for the built object and determination of its technological parameters.4
  • Selection of a technological process and description of its performance.
  • Selection of technological equipment necessary to ensure the technological process and determination of its technological parameters.
  • Calculation of operation costs incurred during the technological process.
  • Selection of the necessary employees, preparation of job descriptions and payroll calculation.
  • Evaluation of social aspects.
  • Evaluation of environmental standards.
  • Calculation of investment costs for the construction of the object.
  • Selection of financial institutions that could fund the construction of the object.

If the feasibility study is prepared properly, the client will receive a fully detailed analysis which will help avoid any possible mistakes during the construction of the object. It will help properly control the risky points when implementing the project. Feasibility study will establish work order and progress.