Designing works

7Ecoranga group has many years of experience in the field of designing. We have prepared a number of projects, therefore we would like to offer you our services. Our team of professional designers will implement the requests of even the most demanding client. We will select the most optimal technological solutions accurately, comprehensively and clearly from an economical and technological aspect, which will enable to reduce the client’s investments. The proposed technological solution will also enable our client to use the object at minimum cost. Thus, when choosing a designer, it is necessary to evaluate not only the prices of designing services, but also designer professionalism and accumulated experience of designing similar projects. A designer must not only design, but also carry out an “author supervision of the constructions” during the construction process, because a lot of technical issues occur during construction which need to be addressed immediately and on site. Our team is prepared to carry out all the responsibilities of designing and help the client with the construction of the object until it is completely finished.

We prepare projects8

  • For water treatment equipment
  • For wastewater treatment equipment
  • For waste sorting equipment
  • For biogas power plants and fallow equipment
  • For composting equipment
  • For sludge drainage equipment

We guarantee

  • That we will properly carry out all our obligations for the client.
  • We will immediately respond to our client’s comments and requests.
  • We will carry out our work professionally, properly and on time.