Fund raising for the construction of the object

5Most projects are not developed because there are not enough funds for object development. Usually, due to lack of information, the client does not contact all financial institutions and does not submit applications in order to receive the funds. Current economy provides a lot of opportunities to receive funding from more than one different company at once, as well as receive non-refundable support for the project. The client usually does not know how to properly prepare an application for funding, and does not collect and submit all the necessary documents. Leave this task to us and we will raise the funds for you.

Possible sources for project funding

  • European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD);
  • World Bank;
  • According to the European Union’s investment programme;
  • Commercial banks of various countries;
  • Budget funds;
  • Various funds (environmental, business promotion);6
  • Private investor funds.

We carry out the work

  • We prepare an application for funding and submit all the necessary documents to the financial institution;
  • We provide consultations for the client on all relevant matters;
  • After carrying out the work, we submit the necessary reports to receive monetary benefits for the carried out works;
  • We provide the necessary contractual reports for the funding institution;
  • We represent the interests of the client before the financial institution;
  • We provide legal services.